Logistics Directorate established

With the growing number of contracts supporting Air Force logistics and maintenance programs, especially in the Dayton, OH area, Diligent has established a Logistics Directorate and staffed its first Logistics Director.

Included in the growing list of logistics and maintenance contracts we support is the Maintenance Planning and Execution (MP&E) System which provides Repair Program Managers (RPMs) with a standard system for maintenance program planning and management functionality for major and secondary items such as aircraft, missiles, engines, Other Major End Items (OMEI), exchangeables, area base manufacture, software, and storage.

We are supporting the Air Force’s Air Logistic Complexes (ALC) with financial systems support and sustainment with our sustainment of the Keystone Decision Support System (KDSS) and Command Management System (CMS).

We are designing and implementing the ALC’s unified Maintenance Repair and Overhaul initiative (MROi) which is designed to ensure each ALC uses the same enterprise system and streamline the maintenance processes.

Leading our Logistics Directorate is Ms. Cathy McMullen of Dayton, Ohio. Cathy excels in bringing together diverse teams to solve complex issues. Ms. McMullen has provided program management subject matter expertise to Government customers for over twenty years. In addition, Ms. McMullen brings an extensive background in guiding Agile development efforts. She has already been instrumental in forging significant in-roads towards advancing the mission success of our customers. Diligent looks forward to increasing its logistics and maintenance capabilities and providing outstanding results for its logistics customers.