OASIS Small Business Vehicle

One of the most frequently used contract vehicles by the General Services Administration is its One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS).  Diligent was a recent awardee in the OASIS Small Business (SB) Pool 3.

OASIS SB is a best-in-class family of seven government-wide multiple-award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity task order contracts (or “pools”) aimed at providing services to all Federal agencies to help meet their professional service mission requirements. The OASIS SB Pool 3 contract scope includes research and development and engineering support for communication, defense, health, security, transportation, compliance, environment, energy, disaster, financial, and intelligence sectors.

Pete Fredericksen, Diligent’s Chief Operating Officer, stated, “Many of our Air Force customers, other military services, and Federal Agencies use OASIS SB Pool 3 to contract for outstanding work in various engineering disciplines and services.  Contracts in this small business vehicle exceeded $1.5B over the past 6 years and we are enthusiastic about providing Diligent’s expertise and skills to enhance the Federal customers’ mission accomplishments.”